Mica Montana is an accredited mindfulness teacher, research psychologist, freelance writer, poet and mental health speaker passionate about creating safe spaces for people to experience and express themselves for the facilitation of growth and good wellbeing.

Mica completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology and a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2017. She then trained as a mindfulness coach in 2021 in order to broaden her ability to support people holistically to improve their mental wellbeing and was nominated in 2021 for the creative impact award of best mental health influencer.

Mica's passion for this work was born out of her personal experience of being sectioned due to an episode of psychosis at the age of 21. This was a transformative experience for Mica that propelled her to self-publish her first poetry collection ‘When Daisies Talk’. Writing the collection was a way of Mica creating space for herself to process her experiences, express herself, focus on her wellbeing and find healing.

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The book launch was a sold out event with a vibrant discussion on the themes of the book. After it's release, Mica began to offer poetry based workshops exploring mental health that combined her lived experience with the knowledge from her academic and professional background and started delivering the making space for us workshops.

She has so far worked with the Red Cross, Aston University, the Black women's project at the University of Warwick, Niyo Enterprise, the ISPS and the Birmingham Early intervention service delivering a creative arts based psychosis recovery program.


She's also been a guest lecturer at the University of Leicester and has performed spoken poetry across the UK. Her poems were published in the 2018 anthology the 'colour of madness' exploring the mental health experiences of minoritized people in the UK.

"Mica is the kind of person that you want to partner with to do good, meaningful work and I could not recommend her enough."


A short multi-media performance of an excerpt of the poem 'What crazy feels like' published in When Daisies Talk

Poem for Birmingham Womens and Childrens Trust to celebrate Black History Month and highlight racial inequalities in mental healthcare

Recital of the self-discovery poem published in the colours of madness anthology highlighting the need for mental health patients to be able to reclaim the narrative of their experiences